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Stop cancer the natural way
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Cancer is a highly debilitating disease and for decades, patients and doctors were conditioned to believe that surgery, chemo and radiation therapy are the only effective treatment options and their side effects not only unavoidable but also justifiable. Many cancers only manifest in the terminal stages when surgery, chemo and radiation therapy cannot be prescribed and in 94% of these cases, doctors will not advise patients on alternative treatment options, leaving them without any hope of recovering.

Recent studies concluded that a significant number of alternative therapies are effective in the treatment of cancer. Canelim capsules are one of these therapies. We believe that Canelim capsules may be of great help in the battle against cancer. Canelim capsules are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which dates back more than 2000 years and have been successfully used in tandem with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy for more than 40 years.
Although we cannot claim that Canelim capsules are a cure for cancer, clinical studies concluded that Canelim capsules have the ability to reduce symptoms of cancer of the bone, brain, lung, stomach, liver, oesophagus, and breast. Canelim capsules are especially effective in the treatment of mammary gland hyperplasia, with the ability to shrink tumors, restraining growth symptoms of cancer, enhancing the body’s immunological ability, thus increasing life expectancy.
Canelim capsules are approved by the Chinese Drug Administration as a drug for cancer. Canelim capsules are the only class A Chinese Anti-cancer medicine recognised by the Chinese National Basic Insurance Catalogue (2000).
 The benefits of Canelim capsules
− Clinically tested, effective between 53.2% and 86%
− Effective as a neo-adjuvant therapy to shrink tumours before surgery or radiation therapy
− Suitable as a mono therapy when conventional therapies are exhausted
− Effectively alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy
− Compared to conventional therapies, cost effective
− Non-toxic and therefore suitable for long term use
 Veterinary applications
Canelim capsules are suitable for most animals, however we do recommend that you consult us prior to use.